17 things you never knew about The Vampire Diaries

After almost ten years Vampire Diaries is officially coming to a close, a show born in the middle of twi-hard hysteria outlasted its love triangle premise and made stars out of it’s cast.

And even in 2017 we’re finding out new things about the show so in honour of the finale here are 17 things you never knew about The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries also became the longest running Vampire based TV show, beating off the likes of Buffy and True Blood.

Book Love


Based on the 90s book series with the same name, The Vampire Diaries book series is now over thirteen books strong and spans over twenty years.

The Vampire Diaries book series was initially set to be called The Hunters and sure enough, the show did delve into the Hunter mythology as it went along.

The show has many differences from the book series it was based on including the fact Elena originally blonde, had a little sister and was a lot more fiery than her doppelganger Katherine.

Casting chaos


There were a ton of actresses up for the role of Elena Gilbert including Ashley Tisdale (who was allegedly offered the role outright) and Alexandra Chando (The Lying Game) who joined the cast for the last season.

And Paul Welsey reportedly set out for the show first auditioning for the role of Damon Salvatore before producers thought he’d be better suited for the role of Stefan.

Actually most of the male cast of the show including Tyler, Alaric and Matt were first up role the role of Damon Salvatore. But Ian Somerhalder almost never got the chance to be part of it as Ian Somerhalder was initially in the running for Jason Stackhouse in True Blood.

Behind the scenes


Kevin Williamson apparently didn’t want anything to do with the show when it first came out after making his name with teen-orientated productions like Scream and Dawson’s Creek. But he loved the material and came on board and for a moment he was even close to casting Dawson Alum James Vander Beek as Alaric Saltzman.

Furthermore, in the first season of the Vampire Diaries they were tentative to include the flashback scenes luckily they did otherwise we would have never got to see the awesomeness that was Katherine. Nina Dobrev has also cited the first flashback episode as her favourite.

Nina Dobrev born in Bulgaria speaks the language fluently and spoke it perfectly when filming the Katherine flashback scenes. Paul Welsey also speaks Polish and Kat Graham can speak Spanish, French and Hebrew. 

Speaking of doppelgangers in one of the first episodes Stefan says he’d like to be a doctor and then his human counterpart fittingly works as an EMT.

The Original Originals


The Originals wasn’t the first intended spin-off for The Vampire Diaries. The short -lived witch series The Secret Circle was supposed to crossover with TVD. 

But after the show was canceled Phoebe Tonkin got the role of Hayley Marshall in The Originals costarring alongside fellow Aussie and H20  alum Claire Holt. 

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