Netflix Binge: iZombie

Trawling through your Netflix account looking for something to watch? Do you want something new and interesting that includes just the right amount of snark, gore and romance?

Look no further than iZombie, a perfectly bingeable series available at your closest Netflix.

The Lowdown

Medical student Liv Moore has shit going pretty well for her, great residency and a fantastic boyfriend is taken away from her as she attends what can only be described as the world’s worst party. Zombism blights Liv’s life whitens her hair and gives her the hunger for brains what’s more the brains she eats gives her visions into the deaths of people which, comes in useful as she teams up with the police among other people #responisblezombie

The Basics

Two seasons, 40+ episodes at 40 minutes apiece you could binge it through a long weekend.

Behind the scenes

Made by the same guy that did Veronica Mars, iZombie shares a lot of the same dark humour DNA as the 00s noir. Also, some of the food scenes look questionably good.

The Cast

Rose McIver, a New Zealand native plays snarky American with such skills you’d never guess the accent is fake.

Best friend Peyton is played by the wonderful Aly Michalka, Robert Buckley as the very sweet Major Lillywhite.

Rahul Kohli as perpetually excited Doctor Ravi Chakrabarti and Malolm Goodwin  as tough talking- heart of gold Clive Babineaux.

Finally David Anders shines as the sometimes creepy sometimes nice Blaine Debeers.

Why zombie

More than anything iZombie is a fun twist on a procedural show as each week there is a new case too figure out. Mixed in the overall mystery as too how zombies are created means that iZombie is an insanely watchable series.

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