Arrow ‘The Sin-Eater’ Review

Five seasons in and Arrow is finally addressing taking on the sins of others. The driving force behind 90% of Oliver’s actions

China, Cupid and Liza team up in a daring prison escape and heist, a b-team group of villains make for some interesting action sequences and Quentin Lance faces the issues surrounding helping Dahrk.  Rutina Wesley is definitely the bright spot in the villian team, ultimately bringing a compelling look into the destruction that team Arrow leaves behind.

Arrow has always been a show looking back to go forwards, meaning that Oliver’s Russian experience mirrors his feelings in the present. The sin-eater analogy is incredibly fitting for Arrow as Oliver Queen’s driving force for the past five seasons has been taking on sins which he technically not responsible for.

Including the death of Billy as manipulated by Prometheus, as details begins to emerge Oliver goes to the Police Chief to plead for the Arrow’s case possibly showing that he’s forgiving himself for things outside his control.

This episode is noticeably Prometheus lacking which works in some ways and is left lacking in others. Noticeably the discovery of Prometheus’ mother feels like it’s running in circles, I’m no detective but surely there are school records where this woman is listed as someone’s mother or if we’re going for gritty realism then they’d find Prometheus after his mom tags him in a Throwback Thursday on Facebook.

But the lack of super villian gives Thea Queen room too shine. Thea is often the most underused and compelling character in Arrow and here we see her discredit Oliver’s new girlfriend to stop her from broadcasting the Arrow’s true identity. She’s on top of things when it comes too the Mayor’s Office however morally questionable her judgements may be.

The episode ends with a set-up for Oliver’s impeachment as part of the cover-up for Billy’s death and his Russian past looks to be catching up with him. Take that along with the threat of Prometheus and team Arrow look to be having a busy week ahead.



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