Riverdale ‘Heart of Darkness’ Review

The funeral of Jason Blossom takes hold of Riverdale High and we learn more about our murder victim and the weeks prior to his death. Only now we’re left with more questions, what did Cheryl’s dream mean? Why was he messed up in the weeks prior to his death?

Riverdale’s baby Lynchian credibility is solidified in its fifth episode. Even the scenes on the football field feel a little twisty but it’s only when they get to the Blossom family dinner do things start to get very weird.

Archie Andrews, our ginger Elena Gilbert continues his quest to balance football and music. With a proposed mentor on the horizon, he struggles in both of his passions although everything works out in his favour by the end because he’s Elena Gilbert. He’s only really brought into the fold again during the funeral. They also finally address the fact they both look very similar.

Betty and Jughead, on the other hand, step up their detective game.  Piecing together a new murder board, Betty looks further into her sister’s relationship with Jason only to discover a whole catacomb of secrets, including her suicide attempt and engagement to Jason. Mr Cooper is also given a chance to shine this episode as he moves from side parent to fully fledged character.

The parents overall get a chance to shine this episode predominately as adversaries. With the Blossom Family’s gothic horror experience truly being a standout. Hermoine’s story continues with a snake being delivered (there’s a Taylor Swift joke in here somewhere) the parent story in any teen show always feel very tacked on. But in this case, I’m willing to bet it means a parent probably shot Jason. At the moment Mr Cooper looks good for it but I wouldn’t discount unseen forces just yet.

But this truly is an episode for Cheryl Blossom, an insight into Riverdale’s resident bitches life in the creepy house on the hill. Breaking down the layers of conflict that she’s been experiencing in her twisted home life. It’s nice

Identifying the complexities of each of the characters is a nice step up for the CW. As we inevitably find out the identity of the killer Riverdale will continue after the mystery is solved.


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