10 of our fave Vampire Diaries villains

Seven seasons, over a hundred episodes and thousands of dead bodies Vampire Diaries is ready to go out in style. TVD was a show with so many baddies it’s hard to pick our faves but we’ve whittled it down to our top ten favourite bad boys and girls (excluding the Salvatore Bros)

Logan Fell


Who: Douchey McGoodhair

You remember Logan Fell right? News reporter Logan Fell. No? Aunt Jenna’s douchey ex Logan Fell. Yup that fella. Fell is our pick for the initial villainous human element back in season one when humans were something of a threat to vampires. Fell had the one-liners and almost killed Elena and Caroline, he was the perfect starter villain for the Mystic Falls gang and he brought up the idea of the Gilbert watch.

Evilness rating: 3/10


Isobel Flemming


Who: Mystic Fall’s answer to a Jerry Springer show

Elena’s adoption was a season one plot twist that looks relatively tame in comparison to the later seasons. But Isobel Flemming quickly became the link between all the characters, Elena’s biological mother, Alaric’s ex-wife and turned by Damon Isobel seemed to have a link to everyone in Mystic Falls. Although a ‘selfish bitch’ as Alaric called her a lot of Isobel’s motivations came from a fairly decent place.

Evilness rating: 4/10



Who: Supernatural Gone Girl

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Qetsiyah’s all powerful Traveller magic created the cure for vampirism in a case of masterful revenge on Silas. Creator of the other side and around a class witch Qetsiyah fucked shit up but in the end, she found peace so is she all that bad?

Evilness rating: 6/10

The Heretics


Who: The Salvatore mom takes on the role of Fagan with a murderous group of Orphans

The Heretics were one of the biggest plot twists in TVD history, with the first witch/vampire hybrids headed up by Lily Salvatore. Before and after they leave their prison world the Heretics kill thousands of people including Stefan and Damon at some points. Their powers are legendary but then again they were no match for Rayna Cruz and the Mystic Falls crew.

Evilness rating: 6/10


The Travellers


Who: Homeless super-witches

Another group of ridiculously powerful witches the Travellers were set on making Mystic Falls their home. For a hot second, they looked like they’d finally be a worthy adversary shutting out all magical creatures from their hometown and leaving their world in the balance. That of course, was before Damon exploded them in the Grill.

Evilness rating: 7/10



Who: Inventor of the devilish grin

As a final season villain, you couldn’t do much better than the devil himself. Arcadius’ all powerful and often fiery temperant meant he was more than a match for the Salvatore Brothers. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t last that long, after thousands of years of running hell that he couldn’t last more than a few months in Mystic Falls.

Evilness rating: 8/10


Rayna Cruz


Who: Buffy but with better hair

Vampire Diaries finally gets a decent slayer. After killed thousands of vampires including Stefan Salvatore (for a time) her presence motivates the whole season seven-time jump and for once there seems to be an actual threat from the other side of magic. With a pathological hatred for vampires and supernatural abilities, Cruz was more than a viable threat. Rayna also went out on her own terms in a way that still caused havoc for the vampires.

Evilness rating: 8/10



Malachai Parker


Who: Prison Break: 90s edition

Probably the best late edition to the Vampire Diaries, Malachai was the funniest psychopath ever to grace the streets of Mystic Falls. Jo’s twin sister, Malachai’s problems primarily came from him being a siphoner and feeling like an outcast. But murdering half his family and putting Elena in the comatose spell kind of makes his ending stuck in another prison world all that more satisfying.

Evilness rating: 8/10


The Originals 


Who: Mikaelson Family Values

Whether it’s Klaus, Elijah, Kol or  Rebeka the Mikaelson family had been fucking shit up since the 12th century. And they were easily able to ruin Salvatores’ lives for a couple of seasons whether it was creating hybrids or destroying the White Oak stake no one really did villainous as good or as stylishly as Klaus and his siblings. But a grudging respect formed between both gangs means they don’t quite get the top spot.

Evilness rating: 9/10

Katherina Petrova


Who: Bad bitch since 1473

Could it be anyone else? Katherine was the catalyst for pretty much everything that happened in the past seven years of TVD. We knew something as banal as hell couldn’t stop Katherine, it feels only natural that Katherine comes back in the final few episodes as the Queen of Hell

Evilness rating: 10/10


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