Supergirl ‘Homecoming’ Review

Can you ever come home again?

Jeremiah Danvers is rescued from a Cadmus mobile prison as the missing piece to the Danvers family. Jeremiah’s return brings up a lot of different feelings.

Mon-El’s immediate suspicion riles up Kara as he points out fifteen years with Cadmus could have had adverse effects on his personality. Pointing out the convenience of finding Jeremiah along with the discovery of the Fusion Bomb.

His suspicions are met with anger from Kara, pointing out the flaws in their relationship as both are positively terrible with communication and taking each other into consideration.

Jeremiah tells Mon-El he knows who he is, a simple statement that completely knocks the wind out of Mon-El. His secret Daxom Prince identity had otherwise been unknown to the group. Overall I know the secret identity plot line is going to get old pretty quickly but at the moment this is the only element of Mon-El’s storyline I’m really enjoying. But Mon-El’s main thread through each of these episodes is that he doesn’t listen to Kara or respect her feelings, while I think it’s good to push each other it is boarding on just straight disrespect.

But even when Kara comes round to his way of thinking she’s met with anger from Alex who forces her to address her place within the family.

Sidenote: #WhereisJames

Jeremiah’s effects on the team’s dynamics put the show into uncomfortable realms for a moment or two. We see that Jeremiah could go either way and the Danvers sisters both desperately want to see their family be whole again.

When it’s revealed that Jeremiah’s return was orchestrated by Cadmus he faces off with J’onn as he tries to steal files from the DEO.But it’s Alex that is most affected by Jeremiah’s betrayal. as we realise most of what Alex does in her life is probably motivated by the gaping hole her father left in her life. Even coming face to face she lets him go, not wanting to face the possibility of life without her father.

I’ve kind of criticised the show before for not having any real stakes but I think this is one of the first episodes we see the characters loose something with no possibility of getting it back. And there’s even a moment of growth at the end for both Danver sisters as they grow closer in their relationships.

The success of this episode will really depend on what happens in the next one, as Cadmus gets hold of the Alien registry the hints of storylines (you remember when President Wonder Woman was revealed to be an alien right?) come home to roost.

Till next week!


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