The Flash ‘Attack on Central City’ Review

Gorilla v Meta, it’s the fight we all want to see, and ‘Attack on Central City’ delivers all the action we’ve come to expect from The Flash.

When Grodd makes his way to earth one things start to go haywire. I kind of wish the show enjoys itself more when it has a giant CGI gorilla as the episode’s antagonist.

Instead, Barry’s ethical decisions are brought into question as he debates killing Grodd and stopping any moment of the Gorilla attack altogether.

Meanwhile, Wally and Jessie’s interdimensional romance hits speed bumps as Harry lets slip he’s dying and Wally puts an end to her moving- only he’s not actually dying and just wants to keep Jessie close.

And they aren’t the only couple having inter-Earth problems. Cisco and Gypsy toy with their emotions for each other and eventually it’s these feelings which lead Gypsy into helping them get rid of the Gorilla’s on  Earth One.

Grodd’s ultimate plan is setting off a nuclear missile across the city, taking over the mind of a military general and setting things into motion. With seconds to spare Barry finds the code.

Only the next step is a full on Gorilla attack on Central City and a part of me is really wondering what kind of military there is on Earth One because surely there has to be some other sort of back-up.

Also, it’s very lucky that during this massive gorilla attack on Central City there seems to be no one else to witness it.

The only thing that stops him is a fight with Solva and before Grodd is killed Barry begs for mercy, reminding us all of Barry’s inherently the hero we need.

Barry proposes to Iris in a candle filled apartment, often in shows like the Flash once characters are in a relationship things seem to stagnate without the internal conflict.

Of course the episode couldn’t end on a deliciously high note. Instead Wally gets a glimpse of Savitar and I have a feeling we won’t be hearing wedding bells anytime soon.

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