The Fosters ‘Sex-Ed’ Review

After a few high octane episodes, it feels like The Fosters is back on familiar footing with the new episode ‘Sex-Ed.’

The Foster’s is a show that finds it’s strength in not talking down to the young audience, and as the show starts with Emma’s abortion is met with a pragmatic understanding of who Emma is a character and the emotions an unplanned pregnancy in her position.

The episodes main focus is on sex and there are few shows that could bring up the topic of LGBT sex-ed and address it with rationality from all points of view. Jude’s conflict surrounding his own lack of knowledge on gay-sex, Lena and Monty (who btw is the woorrsttt) square off about whether it should be taught in the classroom. Jude turns to a gay hook-up in order to gain experience after getting advice from another fourteen-year-old.

Sidenote: Fourteen-year-olds don’t know shit, don’t take advice from them.

Meanwhile, Callie receives praise for her latest art project depicting her time in solitary confinement in juvie. Her work even garners praise from old enemy Tayla and in a little heart-breaking moment Callie says she ‘finally feels like she’s done something right.’

But that warm glow is taken away as she’s asked to take it down for the open house.

The Brandon, Emma and Jesus’ budding triangle also takes another step forward as Jesus loses his cool as he notices something’s brewing between the two. Mariana gets Brandon to admit that Emma had an abortion with a very half-assed interrogation and Mariana dishes on it to her secret twitter account which definitely won’t come back to bite her in the ass.

More than anything this episode is really for Lena to shine as she gets the kids an avenue for the lgbt kids to get sex education and a moment for  Callie to present her art project. Because The Foster’s strength is in the family unit working as a team as it looks like Callie is going to court next week it looks like the family will have to put their differences aside and come together.


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