Supergirl ‘Exodus’ Review

From its opening scenes, Exodus draws up its battle lines in one of the strongest episodes of Supergirl yet.

With the original Superman being an allegory for Jewish immigrants it seems only natural that Supergirl should explore the idea of alien immigrants.

As a sweetly nerdy family are abducted in the middle of the countryside by Cadmus the stakes have never been higher. It’s the pay off for a mounting season long threat that mirrors what’s going in the world at the moment and asks us to look at it with a compassionate perspective.

It’s safe to say that the past few episodes haven’t been Supergirl’s strongest but Exodus felt like a natural point for both personal and professional lives of the Danver’s sisters.

This is really an episode where Alex Danvers shines as emotionally conflicted and volatile as her father’s betrayal counteracts everything she knows. In one particularly tortuous scene J’onn- disguised as Jeremiah- tests Alex’s alliance and as she fails disastrously she’s suspended from the DEO.

Meanwhile, Kara desperately wants to get the word out about the alien registry, Snapper is tentative at best when she claims that Supergirl confirmed the story. He points out that one primary source and no confirmation of the government black-site isn’t enough to make an accurate story, coincidentally citing fake news as his excuse.

It’s primarily a story about the conflicts of interest that make double identities of both sisters, leading Alex to go rogue in order to find Cadmus and Maggie solidifies herself as the best romantic partner with her ‘ride or die’ attitude.

At Cadmus, Alex really comes into her own placing bombs all around the site and winning a game of chicken with Momma Luther. It’s a world away from the straight-laced agent we saw at the start of Supergirl and in one of the more powerful scenes in the episode Alex chooses to get in the ship sending all the aliens away in an attempt to stop it.

Supergirl saving the day, was of course, inevitable but the cinematic hand on the glass moment proved to be one of the more touching moments on TV this week.

Real consequences were finally given but not in the way I suspected, Kara loses her job for irresponsible journalism and creating her own opposing website. Although I don’t doubt this will be reversed in some upcoming episode having Kara work out what a jobless human life looks like will be fun.

The teaser at the end of the trailer saw two aliens in a ginormous spaceship, dress in royal garb maybe next week Mon-El’s princely secret will finally be revealed….

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