Legends of Tomorrow ‘Land of the Lost’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow goes dino in an episode that’s half bottle and half epic adventure and I’m not sure which I liked more.

We start with Rip escaping the prison with ease, as a former captain he knows all of the Waverider’s tricks (really think the team should have thought about this)

Nick, Ray and Amaya venture into the unknown (and Ray’s old stomping ground) and there may be a little bit of a dino-vendetta as it looks like Ray may have eaten a dinosaur egg while he was there.

Sara and Jax dive into Rips mind as a dark version of the Waverider. Exploring how Rip has been manipulated into seeing all the Legends as evil versions of themselves. He is imprisoned in the bay looking a world away from the Rip of the past few episodes.

Gideon physically manifests into a very attractive woman in a move that resembles the episode of Doctor Who when the same thing happens to the Tardis. It’s a lil corny but then again so is everything about this show and I honestly don’t hate it.

Nate and Amaya’s relationship moves along and Ray informs Nate that she needs to return to her own timeline to continue on as she’s due to have children and not having her go would be detrimental to the world. Personally, I’ve been loving the relationship between the two but I am thinking she’ll probably be a one-season wonder for the Legends.

But that’s not before they face off against a fucking dinosaur. I don’t know why they chose a very brief (albeit sweet) moment to use their CGI dinosaur, at least it was a giant talking gorilla.

Rip’s return to his old self at the end of the episode feels like all is right with the world. But at the same time Legends of Tomorrow has been going through quite a gold streak without him, who knows maybe he isn’t the captain we need after all…

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