Riverdale ‘In a Lonely Place’ Review

Alternative title for this episode:

Parents suck don’t trust them

Baby Twin Peaks comes forth with a blast from the past as Jugheads Detective Cooper dream sees him back in the fifties, fitted crown and all.

It’s a nice nod to the original comics, with a feeling of just sheer uncomfortableness to the traditional scene that is incredibly fun.

This episode was definitely part of the Archie Andrews: Fuckboi redemption arc. After realizing Jughead is sleeping in the school he convinces his dad to give Jughead’s dad his job back.

Ensemble casts after come with the difficult of entertaining a decent storyline for all the cast. And for the most part, this episode gives every character decent service.

However, it is a primarily Jughead focused episode as we get an insight into his life and his father’s drinking problem. We learn that FP Jones was one of the founding members of Andrews constructions, we hear two sides of the story about Fred buying him out the company. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but this semi-side-story lets us know that the adults in Riverdale have not been 100% telling the truth and even Fred Andrews isn’t 100% trustworthy.

Betty finds Polly in the attic of the Cooper house, again the two come up against the antagonism of the parental unit. Mrs. Cooper easily lying that Polly wants to give the baby up for adoption Betty realizes that Polly needs to get the fuck out of dodge and enlists Cheryl for help.

I feel like this is the strongest episodes in the series so far as they build on what they’ve grown.

The side-story for the episode is Veronica’s face off with her mother, still pissed that she forged her name on the Andrews Construction document. Deciding to go out clubbing with her group we don’t really get any insight on this mysterious nightclub appearing in a small town that seems happy to served underaged people.

Meanwhile back at the Blossoms, Cheryl begins to realize that her parents are not to be trusted around Polly and goes to the Chock-Lit Shoppe to warn Polly that her parents are out to get her. The Cheryl Blossom: Redemption arc, is probably the strongest side story so far or maybe I’m just a sucker for a bitch with a heart of gold.

Jughead is arrested for the fire that burnt up Jason Blossoms’ car and we learn that Jughead has a bit of a criminal past and some bad blood with Jason and suddenly Jughead is going up our suspect list.

Fred Andrews provides Jughead with an alibi and is now the winner of the Best Parent Award in Riverdale 2017 although as he easily supplies Jughead with a fake alibi it’s a wonder what else he’s lied about.

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