The Originals explains THAT shocking character return…


With only a week to go before The Originals returns to the screen, we’ve been treated to an epic new trailer which you can watch here:


Set five years after season three Hayley looks to be resurrecting the Mikaelson family from their hallucination prison? (I may need to rewatch)

But one of the most shocking things about The Originals trailer is the appearance of Cami, the cute blonde grad student turned Klaus special friend.  She was a divisive character among fans so seeing her pop up in the trailer was definitely shocking.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly Showrunner Michael Narducci said,

“It’s pretty clear that Cami was someone who had a massive impact on the entire show and our entire cast of characters but in particular, Klaus, I am positive that the words that she shared with him before she died were echoing in his mind as he went through that trial, as he was stabbed by Marcel, and while he has been tormented and incarcerated for the past five years.”

I mean death never really happened in the Vampire Diaries world so maybe she’s being resurrected, who knows?

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