9 Things we want to see from any new Gilmore Girls

So if the rumors are true then the much talked about Gilmore Girls revival isn’t the last we are going to be seeing from Rory and Lorelei.

And because we’re obsessive Gilmore fans we have compiled a list of the top ten things we would like to see addressed, changed or continued in any new episodes


Luke and Lorelei to readdress surrogacy


The last time Luke and Lorelei talked about having a ‘new’ kid they had a meeting at dynasty makers but nothing else really came from it. Even if they decide against it, it would be awesome to see them look into it a little further.

Lane to get more lines


Lane Kim’s story was so compelling in the first few seasons of the show it’d be a shame to have her become a carbon copy of her mother.

To find out more about the letter


Seriously wtf happened? Emily let slip about some untold resentment in regards to a letter she thought Lorelei sent to her years ago. Lorelei adamantly denied it, so who sent it?

A happy ending for Paul


Poor Paul. Rory’s forgotten boyfriend existed in the background of Stars Hollow as Rory continued to go off to London and sleep with Logan. Even if it’s just a throwaway line, the boy deserved a smidge better.

TJ and Liz


Lukes sister and her husband were a fantastic edition to the later seasons of the show with their wild and crazy antics. Apparently their now in a vegetable cult but it would be awesome if they stopped by Stars Hollow.


More Jess


Jess Mariano did have some great moments in the revival but we would love to see exactly what he’d been up to in the past ten years. Maybe a bit about his career and life sans-Gilmore.

Emily’s continued bliss


Emily Gilmore’s arc throughout the revival was one of our favorites. As she moved to Maine and actually kept a maid and a job she became a stronger woman in the face of all of her adversity.

Rory friends


We love Paris and we love Lane but surely Rory has made more than one new friend in the ten years since college. We just want one nice girl who lives in New York and can maybe help Rory with her love-life worries with an impartial eye.

Rory redemption


Rory Gilmore’s story in the revival involved cheating on her boyfriend and being confused with her career prospects. It’d be great to see Rory Gilmore get the career success she deserves and some healthy relationships to boot.

One thought on “9 Things we want to see from any new Gilmore Girls

  1. My gf is going to be overjoyed at this news! Great writeup, do you feature your writing with any other tv/movie sites at all?


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