Mean Girls novel coming soon

Mean Girls is getting a literary makeover, nearly thirteen years since it’s release Mean Girls has enjoyed a cult-like status among high school movies. The extremely quotable exploration of high school made stars out of Rachel Mcadams and Amanda Seyfried and even spawned a musical.

The book based on the screenplay is set to be released this September and you can head over to EW to give it a full read at the sneak peek but here’s a quick look at the first chapter…

I’d never set foot in an American high school. I had no idea what to expect.

Then again, I’d survived the African wilderness. The savannah. The jungle. The mosquitoes. The mating season.

I mean, high school couldn’t be much worse than that, could it?

Although the book will follow the same story as the film but each chapter will tell the story from different perspective e.g. Regina George + Damien

So what do you think is this the continuation of Mean Girls we deserve? Or do you want that sequel Lohan has been campaigning for?

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