The Originals ‘Gather up the Killers’ Review

Fresh off the heels of the Vampire Diaries finale The Originals returned for its fourth season.

Only it’s five years later, the Mikealsons are nothing more than a celebratory holiday. It’s an interesting choice, especially after the end of TVD as we know that Klaus becomes a major investor in Caroline’s school.

Meanwhile Marcel is basically the King of the Quarter once again, a steady deal with Vincent and the Witches meaning that once again there is peace in New Orleans.

At the moment Klaus is confined to a basement and as we know it Klaus has been there for the past five years.

~I’m predicting pissoffness~

At the same time, Hayley has been raising Hope in a farm somewhere outside of town. I think season 4’s boldest moves will center around the youngest of the Original clan although at the moment I understand why she’s sidelined. Hayley begins to piece together a Mikaelsons

But Hayley leaves Hope in the safety of her sort of grandma as begins to piece together a Mikaelson cure and goes forth finding the blood of all seven packs.

Marcel is dealing with ‘euro-trash’ vampires coming to the quarter to celebrate the demise of Klaus. Including Alastair who also happens to be sending a few men over to get Hayley and in the words of Vivian Ward…

“Big mistakes…huge.”

As Hayley destroys them, Klaus finds himself in the ring with his old enemy destroying him before his threat began.

Elijah and Freya are awakened as Klaus is put back under Marcel’s control. Things are very up in the air for Mikaelson family at the moment it’s interesting to see where they go…

The Originals is in weird territory, with no reliable main show lead in season four could now be the show’s final season or be it’s Angel season and we could get something different but equally as goo out of it.

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