Iron Fist ‘Season One’ Review

The Lowdown: Not as interesting as it thinks it is, not as bad as critics say it is

Origin Stories…

Whatever sort of tracking you can use for the superhero movies that have taken over the box office can pretty much be traced to Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.

That’s not to say that the formula of the superhero wasn’t perfect prior to 2006, there was nothing compelling original about it but it sort to give iconic characters a place in the real world. Batman Begins was a gritty 21st-century superhero, done well and in a timely manner.

And thus the pattern of origin movies was born, powers were found or honed in far off lands before being unleashed on New York (Cos lbr it’s always New York) Whether you’re Daredevil, Doctor Strange or Iron Man there’s a certain pattern you’ve grown to expect from your origin story pictures.

The story…

This is the story of Danny Rand, the orphan heir to a fortune, trained by monks in an ancient temple, now he has untold power and an ancient hard fist.

Danny  Rand, our titular character comes back to New York to reclaim his family’s company. Quickly thrown into a mental institution and up against the Bateman  Meachum siblings as he returns back to his life in the city.

He quickly befriends Coleen Wing as the two bond over their shared love of martial arts and their hatred of Madam Gao and the Hand.

The two lines of conflict, surrounding the Rand company and The Hand run concurrently throughout the season with Hand Zombie Harold Meachum being the defining force marrying the two factions of the story together

The Good…

Iron Fist is an interesting story in its essence, already heavily walked ground but it looks to be a fair exploration of a man returning to his life before.

And vaguely out of step with the high-powered executive world he’s crawling back into Finn Jones does bring some stability to a character that could have felt very one note.

Coleen Wing is a wonderful addition to the Netflix-Marvel cast as she holds her own as a love interest and potential adversary. Her conflict could be one of the more interesting moments in the show, it’s a shame it’s not looked into more.

Madam Goau is enjoyably evil as the leader of the New York Hand. Learning more about her origins and watching her play our heroes was interesting af.

The Bad…

People lack defined characters, jumping from one decision to the next without any clear motivation. Danny hijacks Meachum’s car and then refuses to unveil any information about himself.

Joy Meachum pings from corporate stooge to brains behind the operation to conflicted anti-heroine within a matter of scenes. One of the many ways the Rand business side of the Iron Fist story was underplayed.

Because your saving grace in dark and gritty comic books are the Han Solo characters, the funny and sarcastic ones that are aware all of the plot drama sounds ridiculous.

In Iron Fist this was all left up to Claire Temple, although her character felt welcome within all of it this was clouded by ‘gritty’ Meachum’s plot that continued to become more and more convoluted and take center stage as time went by.

Whether it’s Froggy, Trish or Misty our last three Marvel/Netflix offerings have shown their strength inside characters. Here…not so much…

The Defenders

Danny Rand takes up the final place in the Defenders and he’s not being welcome into the fold so to speak.

I’m pretty sure that Daredevil season one would have received a lot of the same criticism if it was placed as the final of the four. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage had a fully fledged identity as a show and didn’t rely on reading the Batman Begins origin in order to create a story.


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