Book Review: Babydoll by Hollie Overton

3.5 out of 5 stars

For the first time in 8 years, Lily is free…

Escaping the room she’s been trapped in she returns to her mother and her sister and tries to rebuild the life that was taken away from her as a teenager.

Marketed as a Gone Girl/psychological drama story I was left feeling almost disappointed as the story dived more into the family drama around this traumatic event.

And I don’t think this necessarily means it’s a bad story but rather something unexpected.

The Good…

We got four (maybe five I forget) points of view throughout the story and as chapters are short it’s incredibly easy to read this book in a short period of time.

The tentative and uneven relationship that we see between Lily and Abby feels natural and sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes frustrating in a very real way.

The Abductor was a real villain and at times I genuinely thought that at times he was going to get away with it. There was something wholly evil that was scary especially as we saw his side of the story as well.

The Bad…

There was a lot to this book that I think could have had more, I would have loved to see as Lily rebuilt her life with Sky

Furthermore, there didn’t seem to be much of the imprisonment that was touched on. I know that a lot of it had to do with the post-escape life but I wish we saw more of the PTSD
Overall, Babydoll is a good book but its placed as something completely different to what it is, less of a mystery more of a dramatic family story.

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