Iron Fist: Jessica Jones?

It seems that everyone that is going to watch Iron Fist has now officially binged all the episodes.

And regardless of your opinion..or mine… Danny Rand is going to be a part of The Defenders, the four-part Netflix cross-over extravaganza .

With Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and now Iron Fist all living within the same New York city meant we saw more than a few references to the other heroes.

But while Luke Cage and Daredevil seem to be heroes in this universe, Jessica Jones’ seem to have gone under the radar.

Although there is one hint to our favorite drunk in episode 8 as Joy Meachum shows her brother all the dirt she’s come up with on the other members of the Rand Board.

As she presents the rather impressive info she says she

“hired a private investigator a while ago to start digging. She was worth every penny … when she was sober.”

Now, who do you think this could be?


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