Supergirl ‘Star-Crossed’ Review

What’s a superhero without the alter-ego? The part of them tethering them to the world they’re sworn to protect, Kara’s job as a reporter kept her in tune with what was going on now who is she?

Well as Kara enjoys her ‘funemployment’ by slowly depleting her ‘to be watched’ list and hanging out with her boyfriend it seems like a state of arrested development for her. Which is worrying side-effect of the CW show as superheroes tend to become eclipsed by the storylines and character development lacks…

But as Daxam mommy and daddy, Queen Rhea and King Lar Gand the secret that Mon-El has been keeping from his girlfriend. With almost perfect family casting (seriously Teri Hatcher is perfect) we see the sort of people Daxam royalty are and a couple of not-so-subtle ‘Make Daxam Great Again’ references.

Meanwhile, Wynn and Lyra still seem to be still in that breaking into museums to have sex stage of the relationship. Only it turns out that Lyra is more in the stage of robbing museums and setting Wynn up to take the fall in the relationship.

Overall I enjoyed this side of the story more than the Daxam family drama as we got to see Alex, Maggie, and Jimmy (yay!) team up to try and set Lyra out and clear Wynn’s name.

The episode ends with Kara and Mon-El breaking up which will hopefully inject a bit more life into Kara’s personal life and possibly the crossover episode with The Flash will mark a turning point for the show and move away from self-contained episode into something more overarching.

Musical Meister is introduced at the end of the episode marks it’s saving grace, a little Glee  reunion and a silly concept for an episode I honestly can’t complain..


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