Legends of Tomorrow ‘Fellowship of the Spear’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow goes to the Battle of the Somme to get Jesus’ blood to destroy the Spear of Destiny also J.R.R. Tolkien is there.

The ridiculousness of the above statement is exactly why I think this might be the best show on the CW.

Legends of Tomorrow is such a fucking charming show that makes it’s several competitively crazy storylines work as a streamlined show.

Rory begins to see Snart as they take the last pieces of the spear from the Legion of Doom. It’s nice to see that they’re not ignoring the history of the show + Wentworth Miller is fun on screen.

As the Spear has the power to change reality each member of the team deals with that concept in a very different way. As Amaya now knows what happens in the future to her village and her lineage, she along with Rory finds herself the most tempted by it.

But of course, they need to destroy the spear and to do that they need the blood of Jesus Christ. Because of course. I don’t know how religion moves in a world of superheroes but apparently, you can find the blood of Christ on the French battlefield and it can destroy a reality altering weapon.

Rip Hunter also manages to find his place in the team after his turn as the villain. There’s no longer a power struggle between Lance and Hunter for the Captainship instead he’s arranging the famous ceasefire.

Although I’m enjoying the return of Leonard Snart I’m wondering how this happened without the ship feeling the time aberration.

The plot twist that the blood was a plot from the Legion wasn’t particularly surprising. But Mick choosing Snart over the Legends was a genuine shock, sure Mick might have been a criminal but a lot of the season had been built around Mick Rory bonding with the rest of the team.

So as four villains and Mick (I’m not giving up hope!) begin to use the spear it looks like things are going to get even more complicated….



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