The Flash ‘Duet’ Review

With a sketchy couple of episodes, The Flash pulls crossover out of the bag with a 1920s musical number.

Supergirl and The Flash are the perfect crossover companions especially for something like this, it was a bright fluffy episode that is unashamedly proud of its musical heritage. As Grant and Melisa are two charming leads I think you could throw them together in any situation and I’d enjoy it.

Darren Criss plays the Musical Meister trapping Kara and Barry in a musical they have to get to the end in order to get out the world.

For the most part, Meister is an enigma all powerful and able to easily jump between worlds. Also becoming a lightning rod for Wally West’s problems, it’s nice that a one-off episode doesn’t ignore its continuity.

From Glee to Broadway, Supergirl and The Flash’s musical pedigree probably wasn’t intentional casting but taking advantage of it proves delightful.

Which meant that they could pull a litany of well loved characters for the singing roles + Stein and Joe beings West’s Gangster dads were a lovely addition.

The songs were a little hit and miss with the song sung by the Dads being a surprisingly sweet ‘Put a little love in your heart’ number while ‘Superfriends’ felt corny.

But the 1920s backdrop was absolutely beautiful as Kara and Barry follow their musical script as two singers having to track down Iris West. In the bigger picture, Barry and Kara are working on their feelings for their significant others, does love win?

Spoiler alert: Yes. Yes, it does.

Iris and Mon-El vibing into the musical world is what gets them out of the situation. These shows are supposed to be fun and can often get bogged down in the dramas of their relationship sometimes you just need a stunt-casted alien from an alternate dimension to inject some whimsy back into all of the universes.

Overall it’s a tight episode, I’m relatively disappointed that all relationship problems are tied up at the end of the story, Mon-El lying to Kara did feel a little more serious than the resolution. Although Barry singing proposal to Iris at the end was incredibly sweet, maybe I’m just a sucker for a happy ending.


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