Steven Moffat talks leaving Doctor Who

Steven Moffat’s tenure as the head writer of Doctor Who has been one with many highs and lows, but as we say goodbye to the Sherlock writer at the end of the latest season of Doctor Who we can’t help but reflect on the writings of Mr. Moffat…

In a recent interview with Empire Moffat talked about the times he thought about bowing out with the Day of the Doctor episode almost four years ago…

“It was an awful show to work on and I kept just wanting to give up. Because the truth is there is a reason why there is only one Doctor Who and there is absolutely no reason to have more than one.”

Calling the episode ‘murder’ as it involved putting the four doctors together but as it proved to be a ‘monster hit’ it pushed him on but that wasn’t the only time he thought about departing…

“I vaguely thought I’d be going last year…the last scene of Christmas that year [The Husbands Of River Song] with the Doctor finally making it to the Darillium, which we hear about in the episode just before I took over, was as close as I’ll ever get to making any attempt at closure”.

So what do you guys think? Should Moffat have left sooner or are you excited to see what he does with this season?


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