Supergirl ‘Distant Sun’ Review

Kara is still funemployed and happily reunited with Mon-El after the Flash episode last week. Although this probably quite jarring for exclusive Supergirl viewers and now the relationship walks that fine line between cute and sickly sweet. More or less saved by Wood and Benoist’s charming chemistry, Mon-El and Kara are the becoming one of the pillars of the show.

Whether you like or not.

Alex and Maggie explore the finer points of their relationship with the arrival of Maggie’s ex-girlfriend. Possibly due to the fact most of their problems are less of an alien variety the Alex and Maggie relationship feels a little more grounded in reality.

I mean sure it turns out Maggie cheated but at least her parents aren’t trying to get her killed by alien bounty hunters.

As half the episode focuses on the alien dark web and the bounty placed on Kara’s head, I’m kind of disappointed that this wasn’t the whole episode. It seemed like it was just touched on there was this evil alien internet and then most of the action turned to Daxam.

Please give me alien Facebook.

President Wonderwoman  also makes another appearance, informing J’onn that he shouldn’t engage the ship. The President’s apparent alienness continues to go unexplained although I suspect some sort of showdown in the near future.  Possibly between Marsdin and Rhea…

I’m here for it tbh.

Mon-El returns to his parent’s ship with his mother unveiling she was actually responsible for the bounty. Teri Hatcher plays evil mom pretty well and she’s genuinely enjoyable in the role.

As King Lar Gand begins to understand why his son wants to stay on the planet Rhea would rather lock up her son and force him into being the prince he once was. In a way, seeing the unrelenting cruelty of his mother shows how far Mon-El has come as a person although I hope a lot of the rest of the story isn’t centered around Mon-El character rehabilitation.

Staging a rescue and fitting in a Star Wars reference it’s good to see both J’onn and Winn as integral parts of the team. Actually, if the writers want a likable Mon-El I think they need to focus on the bromance a little more cos it was awesome.

Rhea ends the episode going all out super villainy by murdering her husband and ominously staring down at the planet. It looks to be that at least the next episode will be a Lena centered one as Supergirl goes on hiatus for the next month I will be taking suggestions for other Tuesday reviews, in the meantime, you can watch the teaser for the next episode right here…



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