Legends of Tomorrow ‘Aruba’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow does finale with all the weirdness, drama and epicness that we’ve come to expect from season two of the Arrow-verse show.

As the Legends escape the new timeline in a now full-sized waverider back to 1916 in order to destroy the Spear of Destiny. Crossing over your own time stream has been one of the first rules of time travel

It seems like it’s staple of the time travel show/movie to completely disregard the rules, the Legends very quickly come face to face with their former selves before the alternate reality as they quite rightly feel a little wary of their dopplegangers.

In terms of CW shows the Legion v Legends battle was all kinds of crazy as the show went very dark with death scene after death scene. Although it was established almost immediately in the episode that alternate-Legends weren’t getting out of this alive.

The spear ended up in the hands of Sara in the end, culminating her season long battle against the darkness she felt inside of her as well as the grief she felt for her sister. And in a welcome return to the Arrow Verse Kate Cassidy’s appearance as Laurel in the dream sequence feels especially heart breaking.

Sara choosing to depower the spear instead of make her own reality showed she’s the captain they desperately need. And Eobard being killed by half-mouth Flash in a fitting moment that once again finishes a story started in the first few episodes.

Things are put right with Dahrk being put inhis right moment in his time line, Mick Rory sending Snart to 2014, Mick’s final acceptance he’s part of the team feels sweet and like Mick has finally enjoyed his moment and hopes to go to Aruba.

The show ends with the after effects of a time storm and sadly Mick doesn’t get to go to Aruba…

What can I say, I love this show! With it’s Goonies references and dinosaur ending season two ended on a high note for me and I’m excited to see the show come back next season with more of the same.

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