Legends of Tomorrow: Have we seen the last of Rip Hunter

As Legends of Tomorrow finished up its second season last week we’re left with a million questions.

What happens now Amaya’s part of the team?

Is the Legion of Doom gone for good?

Why are there, you know, dinosaurs in L.A?

All these questions and more are probably going to be answered with the next season of the CW show but we urgently need to know whether or not Rip Hunter is coming back for the next season.

Marc Guggenheim, Legends of Tomorrow showrunner recently told EW Radio that Rip will be returning but “In a different capacity than him being a member of the team.”

Arthur Darvill’s Time Master character, Rip Hunter had quite a season of ups and down, going from memory wiped film student to evil Rip to weird romantic relationship with Waverider computer Gideon.

So how do you think Rip will be incorporated into season three of the show? Do you still want him around?


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