Riverdale ‘La Grande Illusion’ Review

Maple Syrup. When you’re entire towns drama hinges on the second best thing to put on waffles (#nutella&strawberries4lyf) you really get the opportunity to build drama from the ground up.

This episode is all drama as the repercussions of Jason Blossom’s death still continue over town, this time in the form of a ‘tree tapping’ ceremony that Cheryl invites Archie to attend with her.

Whether or not the coloring of both Archie and the Blossoms is intentional or not, any romance between Cheryl and Archie just feel positively creepy. But Archie being the sweet puppy he is, attends and discovers everything isn’t so sweet in the maple syrup business.

Meaning intrepid journalist Mrs. Cooper can use the testimony of one shaky eyewitness to conduct a full expose on the Blossoms and how they are being ousted from the board. Again Mächen Amick still feels like a standout performer as she carefully balances Mrs. Cooper’s anger and grief in the same scenes.

Veronica Lodge also gets a chance to shine this episode as befriends Ethel Mugg after she suspects a suicide, Veronica’s guilt over her once bitchy past motivates her to overcompensate with making her feel better. The sins of the parent seem to be a running theme throughout the episode and Veronica is especially tortured when she learns her father’s role in putting Ethel and her family in the position their in.

Mr. Andrews continues his streak of being the best parent out of a bad bunch learning that the Lodges are behind the project he’s working on he wisely breaks things off with Hermoine and gets himself a stake in the business. And he warns his son over the strange world of Blossom’s he’s getting himself into.

Val makes an appearance as the most underserved character in the show so far, seemingly Val feels like a real-life girl who has accidentally got herself caught up in the crazy world of Riverdale so when Cheryl implies she’s coming after her boyfriend she knows she’s better than this mess and walks away. #teamVal

At the banquet, Archie looks more like his comic book counterpart than ever before.Polly confesses the reason she remains at the Blossom mansion is to find out if or what the Blossom’s know about Jason’s death. In the race to find out Jason’s killer, Polly is now suddenly feeling like the dark horse, less unhinged and more focused she could be taking some lessons from her mother.

Veronica gains redemption at the end of the episode as Ethel doesn’t blame her for what either of their fathers did, choosing to look beyond that to the here and now. But the mysterious Hiram Lodge’s presence is still firmly felt in Riverdale as Archie discovers it’s the Blossoms who had him put in jail and concludes he could have taken some Shakespearean level of revenge and murdered their only son…

Next week Molly Ringwald is making an appearance as Archie’s mom, do you think I’ll finally have my answer on any Blossom/Andrews link?

Also maple syrup, yes or no?

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