The Fosters: Finale Episode to be shocking for the whole family

The Foster’s season four looks set to end it’s final episode with a bang for all of The Foster kids. With Callie’s trial looking set to go in an unexpected way…

Callie is torn over a plea deal and EP Peter Paige says it’s not all sunshine and roses

she has 24 hours to respond because they’re about to go to trial. So the time is now, the pressure is on and the choices are difficult…

Meanwhile, Marina’s life is going into a different direction…

Her secret Twitter account has come out, and the ramifications from that will be felt throughout the family. Jesus seems to be onto the news of Emma’s pregnancy

In its fourth season, The Foster’s has reached it’s highest level of critical acclaim and looks set to end with a bang and life is about to change for all of The Foster’s kids, what do you want to happen? Do you think it’ll end well?

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