5 Shows to watch instead Pretty Little Liars

As we wait with bated breath for Pretty Little Liars to come back for its final episodes we’re looking for other shows to fill the void of high drama, mystery shows set in a small town with a teenage cast…



The dark and twisty Archie comic book adaptation is still in its freshman series but it’s already got legions of fans. Taking place in the small town of Riverdale following Archie Andrews and his friends and the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom. Riverdale has the same young attractive cast, high school drama, and mystery.

Gossip Girl


The first anonymous social media star, Gossip Girl followed the lives of the young, rich and fabulous in New York City. With friendship and romantic drama heavy in the New York skyline, Gossip Girl doesn’t have the same stakes but if you go into the show looking for style and relationships then this in the show for you.

Twin Peaks


Both Twin Peaks and Pretty Little Liars actually follow similar premises with the death/disappearance of a mysterious enigmatic blonde girl. However, Twin Peaks focuses more on the investigation, like Rosewood the town of Twin Peaks has an unusual amount of secrets. If you enjoy the surreal and dreamlike moments of Pretty Little Liars then you’ll be on board with Twin Peaks.

Switched at Birth


If the intricate family drama is the reason you’re into Pretty Little Liars then you might like Switched at Birth. Centering around two girls who *spoiler alert* are switched at birth there’s class differences and a look into deaf culture that balances teen drama with heartwarming moments.

Veronica Mars


So it turns out there are more than a few shows that center around the mysterious death/disappearance of a blonde girl and I’m starting to feel weirdly insulted…Anyway, when her best friend Lily Kane dies Veronica Mars devotes her time to becoming a teen detective in her small town of Neptune. If you’re into the plot twists of Pretty Little Liars then you’ll like Veronica Mars, best to avoid season 3 tho.

By Katie Beech

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