Riverdale: Why is Archie untouchable?

As we continue our horrendously frivolous obsession with Riverdale one question has arisen time and time again…

Who shot Jason?

Well okay, two questions…

What is Cheryl’s hair secret?

Fine, three questions…

Why is Archie untouchable?

Fans and media alike have noted Archie Andrew’s division from the bulk of the story, while his friends deal with murder, mental health and shitty parents Archie has been chilling with his music and football careers.

Well in a recent Reddit AMA Cole Sprouse (Jughead) gave an elquoent defense of Archie’s golden boy status:

there’s an interesting story behind why archie seems to have only a modicum of the struggles that the rest of the cast does. One of those hollywood tales.
Archie is this universe’s center. He’s the figurehead. the Icon. Because of the new tone this universe took, much of our cast and crew were wondering if people would enjoy the direction Riverdale was taking. Riverdale is, after all, different from the digests. Yet, Archie is riverdale. Riverdale is archie. What may have been an easy story to sell with troubled jughead, would have been much more unpalatable as the figurehead of the universe.
It might be more valuable to view the Andrews clan, their purity, their goodwill, and their hardships as a reflection of the town itself?

I suppose this goes understably with difficulty of translating Archie to screen (there has been some sort of Archie movie/series in the works for the better part of twenty years)  no matter the backdrop (supernatural or not) Archie’s going to continue on…

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