Riverdale ‘Lost Weekend’ Review

Riverdale’s topsy-turvy take on high school stereotypes tackles the high school rager this week in its usually macabre fashion.

It’s Jughead’s birthday and as we’re informed several times throughout the episode that he’s a ‘weirdo who hates his birthday.’ It just so happens that this is also the weekend that Fred Andrews is going out of town to finalize his divorce.

Which all seems gosh darn convenient if you ask me.

But before we get to that Veronica Lodge is starring in baby-Good Wife for a solid part of the episode as the Lodge’s get ready to testify in Hiram’s case. Secrets come up surrounding a large amount of money the Blossoms have been paying the Lodges for the better part of a century and this episode looks to point the finger of blame squarely on Hiram for Jason’s death.

So that probably means that Hiram has nothing to do with it, personally I’m swaying more towards the Josie and the Pussycats using him as part of a blood ritual at the moment.

Betty is told about Jughead’s upcoming birthday from Archie because -spoiler alert- Jughead don’t like birthdays. But Betty’s cute and wants the best for him so puts together a low-key birthday party for Jughead.

Also, Betty and Veronica are given a nasty surprise when Chuck makes a reappearance in school, and it’s not because the actor that plays him can rent a car without paying the premiums, no it’s because Chuck’s All-American psycho demeanor and his knowledge of Betty’s slight attempted murder.

And then in the Vixen’s practice, there is of course, there’s a dance-off because that’s the most logical way for Veronica to work out her aggression towards Cheryl. Hairography ensues and Ronnie dances circles around Cheryl, leaving the redhead with a vendetta and a plan.

All of this is just the preamble to the party scenes, we knew it was happening but the writers do manage to fit everything together succinctly before we have Cheryl and Chuck barging through the door and ready to cause mayhem.

Weirdly I like Archie this episode, as he attempts to deal with his parent’s divorce he decides to raid his dad’s liquor cabinet meaning he’s pretty much wasted for like 90% of the episode and it’s not really addressed at all.

The party rages on as all the makers of Project X envisioned with everyone going crazy…except Jughead. As Betty goes to see him we enter the bit of the episode I didn’t like where Jughead just basically says he’s complicated for five minutes and Betty can’t understand why he can’t just suck it up for one night.

Things come to a head in a game of Secrets and Sins which Cheryl somehow manages to quieten an entire group of drunk teenagers enough for them to play. Cheryl attempts to humiliate Veronica with her dad’s misdeeds and then in my fave moment of the episode Veronica basically shits on Cheryl’s whole life and accuses her of twincest.

Then Chuck and Jug come to blows about that one time Betty tried to kill him and the party is over. I mean to be fair, that’s how most of my parties went in high school.

Ending tidbits

  • Betty’s mom knows FP, both from the Southside I’m excited to see where that goes
  • Veronica and Archie make out!!
  • Molly Ringwald makes an appearance as Momma Archie and what can I say I’m here for this  show

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