Pretty Little Liars ‘Playtime’ Review

Pretty Little Liars starts with its End Game, a week after Spencer is shot things look to be getting back to normal. As normal as it can be in Rosewood.

Often Pretty Little Liars is guilty of lagging through its season but as we get closer to the end things are firing off on all sides.

So Noel and Jenna were A.D. The girls are very quick to believe it as one by one they declare it’s finally over. We know it’s not, you think they would have started looking for solid proof before they jumped to conclusions by now.

Hanna and Caleb are back together and seemingly the healthiest relationship on the show, respectfully keeping it low key. Hanna’s main focus this episode is a burgeoning fashion design career we have never seen any hint of that she ropes Mona into helping her use her contacts to dress Rosewood’s rich and famous.

Spencer is coming to terms with her biological mother being Mary Drake and finally, confronts her mother about it. Mr’s Hastings confesses they adopted Mary Drake’s baby after Mr Hastings mistook Mary for  Alice and slept with her. I feel like a lot of shit could have been avoided if Mr Hastings kept it in his pants.

Aria’s wedding brings back a familiar face in the form of Holden and I feel like this is a very lazy addition to the end season as it feels like another means of creating conflict in the Ezria relationship. We all know they’re endgame so let’s bite the bullet and just get the married already.

Emily is caught in the centre of high school drama as Alison and Paige duke it out in the teacher’s lounge. It’s nice to see an almost bitchy side to Alison that we haven’t seen in a while. And Emily get’s to play conflicted caught in the middle girl without a decent option on either side (#freeemily) But it seems Alison’s bitchiness is just misplaced aggression at her current situation of being pregnant with the baby of a man who tried to murder her then subsequently got killed by her friends.

Wow, I missed this show.

All while a very ornate board game A.D had delivered to the Hasting household hangs over their heads. Adding game designer to their long list of skills A.D sends Spencer to the hospital to go talk to Toby, the two have a heart to heart and come to some form of resolution.

This is rewarded with a puzzle piece from A.D and a letter from Mary Drake and then Spencer finally decides to tell her friends she started playing the game. Hanna being the only sensible one decides they should take a crowbar to it and see what’s inside, sadly this excellent plan is stopped when it turns out A.D has footage of them burying the body of Doctor Rollins.

The final scene basically confirms that Jenna isn’t A.D but is shown to be working with them as the episode ends with her slyly smirking about an ‘End Game’

All in all, I feel like this was a slow premiere but it set up everything to come Pretty Little Liars is going to need to pack a whole lot more in before the finale…

And you can watch the trailer for Episode 12 right here:


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