13 Things you didn’t know about Charmed

Witches have fascinated us for centuries and have been on our screens since the invention of TVs but no one captured our hearts as much as four sisters in America. Prue, Phoebe, Paige, and Piper defined what witchcraft looked like in popular culture so in honor of the Charmed ones here are thirteen facts you may not have known about our favorite witches….

Casting Charmed

During the casting process, Shannen Doherty campaigned heavily for Holly Marie Combs to be cast alongside her.

Lori Rom (BioShock Infinite) was originally cast a Phoebe in the unaired pilot by left due to personal reasons, Alyssa Milano was cast and the scenes reshot.

Searching for the fourth Charmed sister producers looked to a lot of actresses including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tiffani Thiessen and Eliza Dushku. Ultimately the role went to a young Rose McGowan.

Both Brian Krause and Julian McMahon originally auditioned for the role of Prue’s love interest, Inspector Andy Trudeau in season one.


Broomstick budgets

Shannen Doherty was killed off at the end of season three, reportedly due to rivalry with Alyssa Milano, things have cooled off and the two are now friends.

But Prue was never seen again on screen as although they wanted to see her for flashbacks they would have to pay Shannen Doherty in order to use her image.

Each episode cost 2 mil. to produce which isn’t a lot in TV terms and that meant budgets for special effects were tight and thus Phoebe’s levitation ability was cut.

Sadly finances were also the reason Dorian Gregory was axed from season eight and Leo (Brian Kause) role was reduced.

Halliwell help

Producers diverged on where to go with the show, Constance Burge wanted to go more towards the witchy sisters while Brad Kern wanted to go more down the relationship route. Ultimately Burge left the show and is now a consulting producer on The Fosters.

The Book of Shadows was completely unique to the show being hand painted and weighed over 9 pounds. Alyssa Milano liked it so much she even has some of the artist’s work in her house.

Telekinesis is the most common power for the Halliwell’s  with Prue, Penny, Chris, Wyatt, Paige each inheriting it.

Each season ends with a door closing, the final season ending with Piper and Leo’s granddaughter using her power’s to shut the door the way Prue did in the first season.


By Katie Beech


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