Pretty Little Liars ‘These Boots Are Made for Stalking’ Review

Swimming, shoes and secrets oh my! Pretty Little Liars shows us no matter how much things change they just stay the same.

Nicole’s return from kidnapping sets Aria’s relationship with Ezra into another realm. As a reporter comes looking for him Aria begins to realise that maybe Ezria isn’t the centre of the world. The whole kidnapping disappearance storyline of Ezra’s finacè feels like it’s taking place in a completely different universe. Unless it turns out that Nicole is actually A.D the whole situation feels like an unnecessarily convoluted hurdle for the eventual wedding in the less than ten episodes.

Addison, the current Rosewood High bitch starts causing waves with Emily. The suspiciously familiar teenager actually feels like a nice addition this late in the game, especially mirrored against Allison. Addison (I wish they’d named her something else or maybe they have to rhyme in order to get full bitch powers) starts fucking with Emily and Emily is faced with trying to be a disciplinary to someone not much older than her.

Meanwhile, Hanna spends most of the day sweating over a dress for Katherine, the senator’s daughter. Setting up a styling business (maybe?) with Mona Hanna starts to question whether or not her designs are good enough.

Spencer’s currently dealing with the repercussions of finding out that she’s Mary Drake’s daughter. Her story feels like the only one linked to the body of the plot. As she’s the first to discover Jenna Marshall’s return.

The second half of the episode we’re finally back at the big-ass board game that’s shaping the season, A.D seemingly behind Jenna receiving a copy of Hanna’s dress, Emily receiving Addison blackmail material and Emily finally embracing her dark side.

Aria is still upset that Ezra is off making nice with Nicole so she decides to go visit her at the clinic she’s staying in (Which might be in Rosewood? I don’t know…)But Holden follows her and manages to talk her out of bunny boiling. The two have a nice moment that makes wish Aria got the chance at normal relationships but we all know that’s not going to happen.

Emily finally rips Addison- and thus teenage Allison- a new one as the young teen threatens to go forth and expose her as inappropriate with students. (I mean Rosewood High employed Ezra so I doubt they’d have much of a problem with that) but it seems Little Alli’s plan blows up in her face as an email bragging about her plan is forwarded to the school principal.

With A.D seemingly behind the highschooler’s take down Emily receives another piece of the puzzle.

The game seems to be leading to a map of outside Rosewood but with very little clue to what it all means yet the girls are going to have to keep playing to find out.

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