Riverdale ‘And Back Again’ Review

Where would we be without the school dance?Now I’m not American but do you have to have a special formal wear budget during high school because this seems exhaustive.

Now I’m not American but do you have to have a special formal wear budget during high school because this seems exhaustive. Anyway, it’s Homecoming in Riverdale and the perfect time for Archie’s mother to make a reappearance as former students of Riverdale High descend on the school hall.

With its teen movie/tv pedigree, Molly Ringwald feels like a very fitting addition to the cast of Riverdale parents. She’s slightly awkward and a little precarious around her son I’d be interested to see how it’d work if she becomes a permanent addition to the cast.

The entire episode seemingly revolves around the parents, with FP finally getting his life together he tries to get Jughead off of the case of Jason Blossom, why? Spoiler alert: He may have killed him.

In the Lodge household, the threat of Hiram Lodge still looms over them as recent casting news will tell us he’s coming in season two, he’s now getting time off for time served.

Polly Cooper has apparently inherited her mother’s investigative abilities as she snooped around the Blossom household and finally we get a conclusion to the biggest mystery this side of Sweetwater river: Mr Blossom’s hair. The vaguely ominous, walk in wig wardrobe finding the ring that Jason allegedly¬†had on his person before he died, nothing is resolved with the Blossom storyline as Polly is knocked out by a sleeping pill milkshake and ends up skipping the Homecoming.

Elsewhere the other Coopers are heading into the world’s most awkward meet the parent’s dinner. We know that Alice and FP know each other from way back in the day and her undercutting remarks just manage to make things even more awkward.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this Archie and Veronica take over the detective mantle as Veronica wants the two of them to ignore the hook-up and non-sexual sleepover and they do it by the only way these kids know how- breaking into someone’s house and looking for evidence in a murder case.

Only to return to the dance to perform their modern version of teenage kicks. I like the addition of live (at least the illusion of live) music it harkens back to a One Tree Hill or a Buffy style show. And it makes a nice background as the police go to FP’s and we find out he’s arrest for murder or so it seems…

And another thing

  • I don’t remember much of what Betty did this episode all I know is that her whole Homecoming look was beautiful
  • I think the season one finale death is probably going to be a parent and my money is on Ringwald as she’s such a big name coming so late in the game.
  • I want for FP and Alice scenes as the continue to hate/kind of love each other.


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