The Catch ‘ The Knock-off’ Review

The Catch is seemingly going through a period of new energy as it gets into its second season. In some part due to the arrival Tessa, the precocious teenage daughter of Ben and Margo.

The assembly cast and ABC storylines and episodic feel are a lot more enjoyable without sacrificing story arcs.

As Alice and Val begin work with Alice’s ex-fiancè current fiancè, Gretchen who looks like alternate universe Alice. Fixing up to run her own fashion company their organisation is taking up the mantle of looking into their current angel investors.

Felicity makes a return after being shot by Rhys in the first few episodes, her return is welcomed by Margot who doesn’t know the real reason she left in the first place.

The two of them conduct a sting to get a ten thousand dollar whisky from a speakeasy known as the ‘Wolf’s Den’, roping Danny and Sophie into the scheme.

The uncovering of Gretchen’s master plan sees the team working together and Tessa  being a little bit more proactive working with ‘step-mommy.’

There’s a resolution to the Eddie/Justine story as it turns out he was actually behind the organisation he was allegedly investigating. The final showdown seems like a very easy conclusion to F.B.I agent Justine and the ridiculously attractive Troy ‘The Hard Drive’ although I’d be rather disappointed if he doesn’t show up again.

Felicity ends up fleecing Margot in a fitting revenge for being shot and almost killed by her family.

Overall the show is really enjoying it’s campier elements making The Catch one of the more fun shows in the Shondaland line-up





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