American Gods ‘The Bone Orchard’ Review

Recently released convict Shadow Moon finds himself in the company of a man called Mr Wednesday.

American Gods was always going to be a hard one to adapt, the Neil Gaiman Americana/Fantasy novel isn’t for the faint of heart as it blends classic mythology with a modern setting.

The first episode introduces us to Shadow Moon as he’s released from prison following the death of his wife. Ricky Whittle has the most difficult task in portraying the conflicting feelings of the often stoic Shadow and the scene towards the end as he stands over his wife’s grave do we really see him come into his own.

The scene that will probably catch most people’s attention will be the red light bathed sex scene between Bilquis and her date, as he worships her she ‘feeds’ on him.

But the character heading for fan-favourite will be Ian McShane as Mr Wednesday, a man who presents himself as the antithesis of godliness. An enigma for most of the episode McShane brings forth his charm and gravitas to the man.

Showrunners Michael Green and Bryan Fuller bring a heavily stylised approach to the show in the same vein as Hannibal, especially with Shadow’s dreams/hallunications about the tree.

The success of a show like American Gods will ultimately lie in its storytelling, beautiful cinematography can only sustain you for so long. With Green, Gaiman and Fuller at the helm of this ship, American Gods look’s to be a surreal examination of the 21st century, what religion and life really mean and of course, leprechauns.

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