Supergirl ‘Alex’ Review

Alex Danver’s has been something of a pillar to Supergirl, originally the overprotective sister she’s come into her own during season two.

With her search for her father and burgeoning relationship with Maggie, her character arc has won over legions of fans.

In this episode, she stands right in the middle of a battle of wills between Maggie and Kara. Interestingly Maggie does bring a ‘lay’ person’s perspective to team Supergirl as everyone else is seeing it through the eyes of the D.E.O Maggie is on the streets doing actual police work that’s occasionally interrupted by a perky blonde space alien.

The contention between the Kara and Maggie dynamics brings Alex into the middle and their differing opinions on law enforcement are heightened as Alex is kidnapped.

The very underused villain this week is Rick Malvern, a blast from Kara’s past. Their former middle school classmate apparently worked out Kara’s secret and has spent a year working on a kidnapping plan to blackmail Supergirl into releasing his dad from maximum security prison.

Revealing that Kara’s secret is so easily worked out is quite surprising, especially as Kara has been coming to Lena Luthor as both Kara and Supergirl for a while now without her putting two and two together.

But as Rhea decides to befriend Lena and propose a business venture between the two of them, it’s even more surprising that Lena instantly works out that Rhea is an alien. I’d be interested to see if this Lena plot leads to an introduction between mom Luthor and mom Mon-El.

Maggie is really the winner in this episode as her emotional conflict comes from whether or not she should follow the law or save her girlfriend. Of course, at the end of the day, it’s up to Kara to punch through the glass but heroics come in all forms.

And finally 

-Mon-El is great in small doses as he pops up for emotional support through the episode


-I’d like it if Supergirl could move towards more team orientated missions as opposed to relationship drama, this episode was a great example of balancing both.


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