Riverdale: Top 9 Sabrina casting picks

 When it was announced that the CW was turning the classic Archie comics into a TV series no one expected it to turn into one of the breakout shows of the year.

But Riverdale is here to stay, meaning there’s probably going to be a spin-off and Sabrina Spellman looks to be the front-runner. So because I can’t sleep and I’m procrastinating novel writing, here are nine actresses I wouldn’t mind playing Sabrina.

Who is Sabrina Spellman


In the comic books, Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a late addition to the gang. First appearing in Archie’s Madhouse in 1962, the half-witch Sabrina Spellman lives in Greendale with her aunt Zelda and Hilda and is often trying to do her best.

Sabrina quickly became one of Archie gang and fan favourite, earning her own comic book and finally, she became the first Archie character to get her first TV show.


Sabrina, the Teenage Witch ran from 1996-2003, chronicling the life of Miss Spellman discovering she’s a witch at the age of sixteen years old. The 90s update showed Sabrina as a spunky almost witch just trying to do her best while learning about her magic.

Anyway, any modern Sabrina will have to have some of the same components along with the gravitas to keep up in this new ‘edgy’ Archie world.

For the purposes of this list, all these actresses are twenty and under (we need to stop casting thirty-year-olds as high schoolers) and whom I think can bring something interesting to such an iconic role.

Bailee Madison

bailee madison.gif

This seventeen-year-old actress has racked up quite an impressive resume. In the past eleven years, she’s worked with the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Natalie Portman to name a few. Bailee’s young enough to play the iconic role and after already working in a show called ‘Good Witch’ it seems she can hold her own in the world of magic.

Herizen Guardiola

Herizen Guardiola.gif

Herizen has been one of the breakout stars of Netflix’s Get Down, the twenty-year-old singer and actress would fit in easily within the Riverdale cast. I could imagine Herizen’s Sabrina focusing on the romantic angle of her story.

Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan Shipka.gif

Kiernan Shipka is best known as Sally Draper in Mad Men and has also been making a name for herself with a litany of indie films. Having perfected a withering stare and a cutting one-liner before she was a teenager if they wanted a Sabrina to start some shit then Kiernan’s definitely the answer.

Ella Purnell

ella purnell

This twenty-year-old actress recently played the lead role in Tim Burton’s ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ so playing a half-witch would probably be a piece of cake. Also, maybe we could have a Sabrina with a British accent?

Piper Curda


This nineteen-year-old actress is best known for her roles on the Disney channel in both Teen Beach Movie and ‘I didn’t do it’ but so was Cole Sprouse before Riverdale. I could see Curda bringing some humour to the role, in the same way, Melissa Joan Hart did in the 90s version.

Madison Pettis

madison pettis.gif

Eighteen-year-old Madison Pettis is a former child actress (she was in The Game Plan with Dwyane Johnson) and has recently lent her voice talents to the Lion King spin-off “The Lion Guard” and racked up over three million followers Pettis would be able to balance the humour of the role with some of the inevitably darker moments.

Camren Bicondova

Camren Bicondova.gif

Best known as the young Selina Kyle (Catwoman) in Gotham this seventeen-year-old actress already knows how to put her own spin on well-known roles. Bicondova could also add some action to the role as well.

China Anne McClain


Another Disney kid/former child actresses, China Anne McClain has a host of movies under her belt and has already been the lead in her own Disney Channel show ‘ANT Farm’ the charismatic actress could easily make the transition to leading her own CW show.

Chloë Grace Mortez

chloe grace mortez.gif

If the rumours are true then Chloë has already been cast as Sabrina. Best known as movie actresses with turns as Carrie and Hit-Girl, Mortez would be a formidable presence in Riverdale.

And if those other rumours are true then it seems we won’t have to wait long for the new Sabrina to be revealed as she’s supposedly coming in at the end of season two…

So what do you think? Is there anyone else you’d like to see in the role?

By Katie Beech

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