Riverdale ‘Anatomy of a murder’ Review

The murder of Jason Blossom finally reaches its conclusion in a twisting teenage small-town noir.

Performer of the episode: Cole Sprouse

Highlight: Mr Blossom’s sleep wig


The last episode FP Jones was arrested for the murder as the gun used in the murder showed up after Archie and Veronica broke into his trailer it looks like he’s being set up. But FP seemingly has a very clear story about he killed Jason Blossom in a kidnapping plot gone wrong.

Jughead disappears as the gang scramble to convince their parent’s of FP’s innocence but Molly Andrews (who we discover is a lawyer) points out that any evidence they think they found or didn’t find in his trailer would be inadmissible in court.  deciding to see his mother and Jellybean

Jughead is noping the fuck out deciding to see his mother and Jellybean on the other side of the country. Jughead is also apparently the only sixteen-year-old that doesn’t own a cellphone but knows his mother’s phone number well enough to dial it at a pay phone. However, continuing the tradition of shitty Riverdale parents Momma Jones apparently doesn’t want her son to be in a place away from his apparently murderous father.

At Pops, the gang finds Jughead waiting out his bus, broken by his father’s actions. Archie brings Jughead back to the house still trying to reason with his dad about FP’s innocence but Fred isn’t having any of it.

FP and Jughead finally come face to face with probably the best scene of the episode as we’d later realise FP’s shitty parental behaviour was caused by someone threatening Jughead’s life.

And FP’s one call prison? Joaquin Phoenix with a call to forget about their insurance policy but as he boards a bus to San Junipero (I’d watch that spin-off tbh) and finally tells Kevin about the letterman jacket.

And inside is a USB cable showing footage from Jason’s kidnapping and who should walk in but Mr Blossom with a gun. Mr Blossom shoots his son in the head, Archie and the gang do what the Pretty Little Liars crew should have done in like season one and show the footage to the police.

The episode ends with Mr Blossom hung from the rafters (wig still intact) and drugs spilling out of maple syrup barrels.

Now the question is why?

And finally-

  • So it turns out the Coopers and Blossoms are third cousins (maybe?) and Mrs Blossom was surprisingly chill about this incest then again she probably suspected twincest was going on so cousins was probably refreshing
  • Archie comes off really well during this episode, proactive, investigating not overly concerned about his music
  • As spoilers turned out to be false I wonder if the cult plot and Sabrina rumours are fake

I think this was a really strong episode for a surprisingly great show and I think it’s probably wise for them not to end on this episode and instead establish new mysteries for the second season.

And you can watch the trailer for the finale right here…

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