Supergirl ‘City of Lost Children’ Review

As Rhea’s big plan is finally revealed Terri Hatcher’s evil alien queen is disappointing when it comes to villainy. But by taking off the real estate off ‘alien of the week’ Supergirl finally feels emotionally resonate again.

James Olsen finally gets a storyline this week as he comes to terms with Guardian and how people perceive him. Someone should have told him superheroing is 95% marketing (I’m looking at you Antman)

When a telekinetic alien is manipulated into causing a terrorist attack on the city  James finds himself in the centre of it all as he bounds with her child and plants himself in the middle of a DEO investigation.

The lack of James Olsen throughout the main body of season 2 has been one of the more disappointing arcs of Supergirl. James Olsen and Catco were supposed to be Supergirl’s anchors to the real world she’s supposed to be protecting and giving James the whole Guardian storyline just felt like an easy out to get him off screen.

However, the whole thing is seemingly wasting such an iconic comic book character and the acting abilities of Mechad Brookes who brings a lot to the more emotional moments of this especially working with the young actor playing Marcus.

The other part of the Supergirl storyline centres of Lena Luthor and Rhea (Daxam?) as the two work together on a transmitter for Rhea’s ship the electrodes are messing with the telekinetic alien’s powers and causing mayhem.

Lena however, is blissfully unaware of the damage her creation is causing, Rhea manages to play on the youngest Luthor’s mommy issues manipulating her into fixing her transmitter and thus messing with a whole heap of telekinesis aliens.

As James is the one to save the day and for the first time pulling Marcus out of the elec-trance, ‘A hero without a suit’ Winn states at the end which is sort of the whole point of the episode, it feels a little awkward to have it pointed out so clearly.

Cheesy, but it is a show about superheroes so I’ll let them off.

The episode also has a nice moment of development for Mon-El as he takes on his mother (We’re not bulletproof on this planet) with a gun to her head, Rhea again uses her superpowered mommy manipulation getting him to put the gun down and she reveals a masterplan…

She’s not trying to get home she’s bringing the alien invasion to earth claiming a New Daxam…

So what did you think of this episode? Is this how you pictured going into the finale?

We’ve got two episodes till the end of season 2 and it looks like Cat Grant is back to kick some ass in the alien invasion, there are also rumours of a wedding in the finale episode, who do you think it’ll be.

Watch the trailer for ‘Resist’ right here


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