Pretty Little Liars ‘Power Play’ Review

With more reveals than a Las Vegas strip show Pretty Little Liars is back with the plot twists and strangeness as it turns out I’m sticking with this show till the bitter end.

Fittingly a lot of the drama in this episode takes place around Rosewood High where Alison decides to abort the child she’s carrying from an abusive dead husband that her friend murdered and Emily is saying goodbye to Paige who may be leaving for a job at a university.

My favourite part of the show is when it treats these two issues with exact same amount of drama

A.D’s manipulation takes hold of Alison this week with a trip to the baby store right before she’s planning on a medical abortion. I’m always vaguely surprised to see when things like terminating a pregnancy are talked about with a balanced and pragmatic approach in an overtly dramatic show such as Pretty Little Liars. But of course, it turns out that Alison isn’t even carrying her own baby, it’s Emily’s eggs stolen from the hospital.

So it looks like Emilson is happening, just in the strangest way possible.

In the midsts of all the game playing Aria goes rogue as she continues with her relationship drama. Hopefully, the whole Nicole storyline is done now (we’re only like five episodes away people!) as Aria’s the first person to really meet A.D.

Well not actually A.D shockingly Sydney turns out to be nothing but a pawn in the game, being the one that shot Spencer she offers Aria the chance to ‘switch sides.’ There has been a continuing theory that A.D is actually Aria but I think that this episode definitely puts an end to that, we seem to be done with any and all Aria family drama for the remaining episodes. We’re going to get an Ezra and  Aria wedding and all pretend it’s no weird that she’s marrying her high school English teacher.

Meanwhile, one of the biggest mysteries (which let’s be real we all sort of forgot about) the death of Mrs DiLaurentis as Spencer’s father says Mary Drake used his pills and blamed him for the whole thing. Of course, he could be lying to get the focus off himself but for the sake of brevity, it seems like Mary Drake is a straight up killer.

As Ted (oh yeah Pastor Ted pops up as well for an uncomfortable looking Hanna) mentions he also dated Mary Drake, that means she’s now connected to three out of the five liars. He also mentions a camp for troubled boys that he might Charles (Cece) at and Charles’ friend Lucas.

Along with Page, Lucas has been a sideline character since the first seasons it would make sense to bring one of them to the forefront as A.D but at this point, they are going to have pull out some pretty intense back story to justify all this shit.

I think I’ve finally accepted that Pretty Little Liars won’t come with a satisfying ending, as characters are brought on and storylines are dropped in ten-minute intervals things are going to be tied into a neat bow by the end.

But is that really the point? I’d like to see at least one episode from A.D’s perspective in the next few episodes but I think the whole point has been about friendship in the face of adversity whether that’s a board game or baby drama the Liars only win as a team.

*cue rotten fruit throwing at my own lame ending*

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