TV First Impressions: Great News


Okay so instead of TV review episode by episode I thought I’d do two reviews for Great News, one at the start and one at the end- that’s right jagweeds I’m doing something different let’s roll with it-

The Story…

Katie and Carol Wendelson are a super close mother/daughter pairing but when Carol get’s an internship at Katie’s job things get more complicated

The Good…

  • It’s an adorable sitcom with an interesting premise, it’s a workplace and family comedy mashed into one.
  • The cast in this show is amazing, even when the jokes are corny, a cast of really talented main/supporting play it with plenty of charm
  • The amazing Andrea Martin continues to be amazing as a New Jersey mom in a fish out of water scenario
  • Overall the jokes are really funny and the characterisation was immediate, well thought out and the chemistry is wonderful.
  • The casting of Nicole Richie as social media obsessed news anchor and teaming her with straight-laced but insecure Chuck is amazing

The Bad…

  • As a Tina Fey produced TV show about a TV show the 30 rock comparisons are unavoidable and there are character mirrorings (e.g Katie/Liz Greg/Jack) but the characters in Great News are a lot more likeable and I’m not sure if that makes the show better.
  • If you need your shows to be subversive in its humour, you are gonna need a different show.
  • Getting into this show is a little touch and go with the premise at first but stick with it past the first episode.
  • We live in such a news and media driven world that there are a bunch of incredible places that they could go in terms of fake news, media manipulation and a bunch of other things. Although they’ve touched on a Brian Williams-esque scandal the show has definitely taken a back seat the behind the scenes.


This show is super cute (in a good way) it’s a workplace sitcom done right. We’re in a world of TV shows just needing to be ‘water cooler’ moments than just consistently funny but more than that it’s got room to get even better. Remember kids, Parks and Recreation wasn’t built in a day and Great News won’t get a chance to be great without time to move.

Grade: B

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