Twin Peaks ‘Return’ Review

It took over twenty-five years but the Twin Peaks revival is finally here, in all its Lynchian surrealist glory. If you’re looking for traditional TV then go somewhere else because this is something more.

The style is perceivably ‘old world’ in a way that TV hasn’t been since pre-Peak TV. Whether it’s the colour saturation, the low-tech used by characters or the stock footage of cities to signify location changes the first two episodes of Twin Peaks.

But there is a nostalgic style to the new Twin Peaks that doesn’t necessarily run with the same sort of revivals that have been coming in the past few years as last minute cash grabs gearing themselves to new audiences. Whether you’re entering the show for the first time or after binge watching the last two seasons you will have no idea what the fuck is going on for at least the first hour of this show.

It lacks the Hollywood movie styling of a Game of Thrones and the smooth art house style of something like American Gods. There’s a faltering cadence, lack of music and silences that we don’t often see in our usual slick TV. To summarise the first episode would be doing the show a disservice as we see Agent Cooper with a new hair-do and a new attitude



Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s the coffee


As the first episode ends, do I have any idea what is going on? No. Will I keep watching? Well, I’ll have to consult the log…

The plot is eventually unravelled with the reveal the Agent Cooper we’ve been seeing in the past hour of TV has been Cooper’s doopleganger from the BlackLodge.

Meanwhile in Twin Peaks world we’re informed that Cooper has been away for 25 years and no one has seen him.

Seeing Cooper and the dream situation again is the time that the revival really connects with Twin Peak fans.

But despite all of it, the confusion, the vignettes and backwards speak the last five minutes feels like a payoff.

We see the familar cast of characters in their lives 25 years later in a bar, the sheer ordinariess of it juxtaposes the nightmare of Cooper’s life.

As weird as the show is, there was a family small-town feel to the original series which it looks to be moving into for the next episode as the plot slowly unpeels itself one episode at a time.

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