Pretty Little Liars ‘In the Eye Abides the Heart’ Review

Life moves pretty fast. Sometimes you get impregnated with your sort of ex/sort of besties baby, or sometimes you’ve got to cover up the murder from your sort of detective boyfriend or being blackmailed by someone using a computer animated version of yourself.

Look what I’m trying to say is that Pretty Little Liars is so basic atm.

Aria is brought further into A.D’s dark web as she’s forced to spy on her friends. An awkward computer animated version of herself yells at her in what can only be described as the most extra-move yet. This whole plot feels like a nod towards the Aria is A.D whether or not this turns out to be true remains to be seen.

Hanna takes up the mantle of discovering more about the game, enlisting Mona to help. There seems to be a lot of links to Hanna with the recent discovery of Lucas’ link to Charlotte. The discovery of Arcturas comic book penned by both Lucas and Charles about an avenging angel that Charles regularly turns into. Although this seems relatively cut and dry in its metaphor there are plenty of blonde girls the superhero could have been.

Alison and Emily are still dealing with the discovery Alison is carrying Emily’s baby and strangely this manages to be the most sensitively as they work out whether they should raise the baby together. Paige pops up as well having a heart to heart with Allison and hopefully, this is the last we’ll see of Paige.

Spencer is still trying to find out what is going on with Mary Drake and Marco follows her, his suspicions about the Rollins murder continues as he realises that the first time they met was when Spencer was using Rollins card.

Troian Bellisario takes up both the mantle of director and actress during this episode and I don’t know why I was expecting a lot of dreamy surrealism and flower crowns. However, there was soo much plot to burn through this episode there wasn’t much time for symbolism. But I did notice the scenes were shorter and a blue wash through a lot of it, what I’m trying to say is that I’d probably watch something she directs again.

In any other show the reappearance of Wren, this close to the end of the show would be something of significance. Especially as the spoiler that Wren was going to be the original A, yet this is PLL Wren Kingston’s reappearance was probably just a victory lap for the characters.


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