What is going on in the new Game of Thrones trailer?

Khalessi is coming to Westeros y’all!

In the fresh new trailer for Game of Throne’s season seven, old friends and enemies return but what does this all mean for our favourite fantasy show.

Well, it was announced a few months ago that the final two seasons are only going to be seven episodes each meaning that not every character is going to make an appearance in every episode.

But you can watch the season seven trailer right here…

The trailer begins with a narration by Cersei Lannister who now sits on the Iron Throne, all of her children dead and gone it seems like there is nothing holding her back.We already saw her blow up the Citadel last season and now with Jamie by her side, she’s preparing for all out war.

As of now, it seems Daenerys Targaryen has crossed the Narrow Sea with her army and Tyrion with her and looks like she’s taking her seat at Dragonstone ready for the oncoming war.

Meanwhile, up North the Starks are still at odds with Little Finger whispering doubts in Sansa Stark’s ear about her brother and the whole ‘King in the North’ situation. However, the North looks to be fighting things on two fronts with Jon Snow referencing a Great War at the end of the trailer it looks like the White Walkers will be heading North.


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