Book Review: The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

Laura’s life is seemingly perfect, fantastic job, a great marriage and fantastic relationship with her son.

Cherry is dead set on getting what she wants, her new job as a trainee real estate agent in a glamorous area of London is just a stepping stone to the life she’s determined to get.

Their lives intersect when Daniel, Laura’s son starts a relationship with Cherry that gets heavy quickly. Laura sees a girl from outside their world getting her claws into her son and Cherry sees an overprotective mother refusing to cut the apron springs.
The Good-

-The characters in this book are amazing, you find yourself emphasizing with some quite frankly horrific situations

-Give me complex and terrible female protagonists and I am sold

-The plot twisted and turned to places that I didn’t see coming

-The writing was so sharp that cocktail parties had the same intensity as a fight scene

-The switch between characters supplied us with a whole different perspective on events as we begin to see who these women are.

The Bad-
-A lot of this book is about class divisions and London is the perfect setting to explore this dynamic. However there was something decidedly snobbish about the way Cherry’s mother was written and it wasn’t just through Cherry’s eyes, Cherry’s mother felt lacking compared to the richly drawn characters in Kensington.
-There were moments my interest lagged throughout the book
-I wasn’t a fan of the ending, it felt rushed compared to the bubbling intensity of the rest of the book


After being in a reading slump for a couple of weeks, I managed to finish The Girlfriend in three days as the sharp and clean writing kept my attention on a ridiculously long train journey. If you’re a fan of Gone Girl and similar you should definitely pick this up…

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