Doctor Who ‘The Lie of the Land’ Review

As the Doctor sits in a cell it’s down to Bill and Narbole to save the day and lead a resistance against the new regime.

On its eighth episode, a reality altering baddie feels like an end of season jaunt for a show like Doctor Who. With the threat of Missy still over head it begs to wonder if the Monks might be her salvation out of the

The Monks have shown themselves to be a formidable opponent to the Doctor as they alter reality in order to bend it too their will. But the question is why? Why do the Monks need to take over?


Six months has gone by and Bill is still reeling from her decision to give the Monks her consent, now feels like a disenchanted verison of the girl we saw at the beginning. All in all, Bill has felt like a breath of fresh air throughout this season, in this episode she really comes into her own as she morphs into her own persona and hearing her through the voiceover amps up that great personality.

Narbole also feels refreshingly proactive this episode and as we see the two of them sneak onto a ship to rescue the Doctor he’s an intergal, albeit goofy part of the team.

The Doctor seemingly imprisoned by the Monks with the occasional video message to the wide world he looks to be a shade of his former self. ‘Killing millions to save billions,’ is a concept the Doctor deals with from time to time and now it seems like he’s truly defeated.

Bill feels the betrayal more than anyone else as she sees the Doctor taking away their free will, so she shoots him….Only for it to be revealed as a big visade. I am sort of disappointed that there wasn’t a ‘Dark Doctor’ style episode, the Doctor is actually building up his own resistance army.

Needing help from the smartest person he knows, he ropes Missy into help. She’s now in rehab from being bad their uneasy alliance is the only way as Missy has had dealings with them before.

Surprisingly, the main drama of the episode takes place in Missy’s cell highlighting each of the three actors incredible ability as it’s revealed that Bill’s the linchpin of the Monk’s rule. She has to die in order to stop the Monk’s rule.

The Doctor saving the day by transmitting thoughts to the whole world is vaguely reminiscent of The Silence.

doctor who, the silence, tv review

Strange headed aliens taking over the world by stealth…it’s so 2015

Making their way into one of the Monks command centres there’s a nice nod to ‘Fake News’ as he attempts to fix whathe Monks have manipulated everyone into believing.

But things don’t go according to plan as he’s unable to change people’s memories and ends up being roasted.

Waking up Bill’s decided she’s going to be the one to end it, resigned to the fact she’s got to die. As the Monks begin to infect her memories, it’s only the created memory of her mother that really stays as it’s impossible for them to touch something she created.

The Monk’s leave, erasings themselves, their memories and their pyramids. The Doctor’s kind of pissed off that the human’s never learn but it overcome with the possibilities he’d meet someone like Bill.


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