Still Star-Crossed ‘The course of true love…’ Review

From secret romances to forced weddings, Still Star-Crossed is serving us Elizabethan problems on a Monday night and proving that the course of true love never did run smooth.

As the marriage of Rosaline Capulet and Benvolio Montague is met with the same enthusiasm as a gallows walk we begin to see the backstory of the relationship between Rosaline and Escalus and how that came to crumble.

Escalus, the new prince of Verona takes a show of strength with the biggest families in Verona. The nuances of a young man finding his way in his new station while still dealing with his love for Rosaline. As a blank slate in the first episode, Sterling Sulieman shows himself as a romantic lead this episode.

Princess Isabella continues to be woefully underserved as we watch her help Escalus and Rosaline reunite it looks like she’s almost on his side. But as she whispers encouragement for him to behead the murderers you can’t help but wonder if she really has her brother’s best interests at heart.

Or maybe I’m just a sucker for a Lady Macbeth character…

I still can’t decide what I want from Still-Starcrossed, How to Get Away with Murder and Grey’s Anatomy both have episodic elements to their show in the form of medical and law cases respectively. Whereas Still-Starcrossed is building on the story from its first scenes which is a shame because it feels like an untapped avenue to bring in new viewers.

I wonder if it would have made a bigger impact on a streaming service with all the episodes dropping all at once would have allowed for its slow burn set-up.

The last half of this episode has secured my continuing viewership, Anthony Head pushing the sculptor to his death and the discretion of Romeo’s tomb and beheadings provided the show with the bite it needed to offset the romantic drama.


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