Pretty Little Liars ‘Driving Miss Crazy’ Review

With only three episodes left Pretty Little Liars supplies us with more questions then we will ever get an answer to….

Aria’s in full A helper mode as we now finally know what’s in the Aria file: A police report she was going to file on Ezra as he abused his position of power as they dated when she was a student and he was a teacher. This has been something of an underlying issue throughout the show that has never really got addressed throughout the show, I doubt we’re getting anything from Ezra in the next few episodes apart from being leverage for Aria. I’m putting them to bed.

Speaking of romantic relationships I’m thinking we’re putting Spencer and Toby to bed barring the time jump in the last episode. Instead, Spencer is heavy into the family drama as the Hastings get ready to move and Aria comes in fucking up their whole life with the reveal that Alison’s mom and Spencer’s dad conspired to kill Mary Drake.

If this show does nothing for me but end with Spencer happy and fulfilled and far away from all the bullshit.


Mona’s presence is very firmly felt throughout the episode as she and Emily try and find out who exactly who is the baby daddy. And I’m reminded why I like Mona, she’s funny, she’s an active person when it comes to solving mysteries.

Sometimes I forget why I stuck with this show for however many years but then suddenly we’ll get a Mona fronted, black and white, jailhouse rock dream sequence and I’ll remember at it’s heart its a fucking weird show. They haven’t really moved into the dream sequences and imagined scenarios since Allie rose from the dead.

Basically #TeamMona

The reveal at the end seeing Mona in an A-esque lair complete with blue prints of the game and a small collection of shovels. It looks like Mona may have been A.D all along (of course we’ve all stuck with this hellshow long enough that it’s pretty obvious we’ll have at least six other twists before the end) Hopefully things will kick up a gear as we only have three episodes left.

Next week it looks Aria is getting found out…

And another thing…

  • Hanna and Caleb look to be getting hitched, it’s crazy that they are the most supportive and put together couple throughout this entire series
  • Hanna’s mom makes an appearance as well and also hasn’t murdered anyone or got a secret twin sister
  • Is Hanna Marin the most together person in this show?
  • What happened to Lucas? He just disappeared
  • Will we ever find out who killed Charlotte, does anyone even care anymore?

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