‘Shimmer Lake’ Review

While Netflix has been killing with TV it hasn’t quite found it’s footing with original movies. But Shimmer Lake, an hour and a half subersive crime thriller seems like a good place to start.

Written and directed by Oren Uziel, Shimmer Lake tells the story of a bank heist gone wrong in reverse.

Working it’s way back from three days post-robbery  Shimmer Lake spotlights the three criminals and the sheriff chasing them.

The movie is unequivocally smart as we peel off the layers of a hapless cops and robbers case. But it’s first fifteen minutes are quite unnerving as we catch up and the reversal format requires a lot of expositional dialogue in order to catch the audience up to the character backstories. However it’s dark humour and the punchline to a naked guy joke definitely give pay off

Rainn Wilson is a real stand out as Andy Sikes, the brother of the Sheriff chasing them. Andy’s a man leading a life of quiet desperation who get’s involved with the wrong crowd. He perfectly balances the humour and the drama that this movie is exemplifying.

The story is rich and the direction is gorgeous without overpowering the actors, Shimmer Lake feels like a prestige indie movie done right. If you’re looking for an unpredictable trip to channel your ideas of crime and comedy and still leave you reeling at the end then this is for you!







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